Get started now!

Step 1: Use the contact form to tell us when and where you want to ride.
Step 2: We give you a  quote.
Step 3: We prepare a rental agreement setting out all the details, including terms and conditions.
Step 4: We send you PayPal invoices (a) deposit for rental only (b) balance of rental and and freight fee.
Step 5: You pay the non-refundable part of the rental fee at least two weeks before the rental date.
Step 6: We give you the login to make the PayPal security authorisation and you make the authorization at least one week before the rental (WE DO NOT TAKE THE AUTHORIZATION AMOUNT UNLESS YOU FAIL TO RETURN THE BIKE OR DAMAGE IT).
Step 7: Pick up the bike from your agreed agent. For an additional fee we can deliver the bike to your hotel. You inspect for damage before taking delivery.
Step 8: You pay the balance of the PayPal invoice. If you are not certain you can do this using your mobile device while travelling, you can pay in cash in Bali. You cannot take delivery until we have been paid in full, including security deposit.
Step 9: You ride. A lot.
Step 10: Return the bike to your agreed agent. For an additional fee we can collect if from your hotel.
Step 11: We release the PayPal authorisation (subject to Terms and Conditions in the contract), and freight the bike back to Bali.


motorcycle and rider stopped alongside the highway in Sumbawa