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Share your Moto Indo memories and comments. What were your favorite ride destinations? Do you like the motorcycle? What suggestions do you have to make the experience better?

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  1. Comments have now been enabled – please submit your ride stories, suggestions for improvements, best moments, worst moments, or anything else about your Moto Indo ride!

  2. Amazing trip around Giava and Bali. The possibility to keep the motorbike in one town and to return in another one is really convenient and allows you not to waste time bringing it back.
    Colin was always helpful and organized everything as I asked him.
    I really recommend Moto Indo.
    Ride safe, ride far!

  3. I have rented a motorcycle for 5 weeks from Jakarta to Bali and I could tell that this was the best trip I have ever had. I rode Java in 2 weeks and then Bali/Lombok and surrounded islands for another 3 weeks. I have been traveling in Southeast Asia and other continents and I would say that it is incredible how much Indonesia has to offer. Nature is incredible with the superb mountains. Locals are super nice and polite and always would want to chat with me when I stop somewhere. If I stop somewhere people would come and ask if I got lost.

    The guys that rent these motorcycles are amazing. Top customer service! Still thanking them for this. Colin would always ask if I was ok on the road or if there are any issues with the motorcycle. Only at the end of the trip in Bali, the starter started to work a bit hard and I was offered to switch the motorbike straight away.

    If you are looking for your next big trip I would certainly recommend to travel from Jakarta to Bali. Visit Lombok and Gili islands, fly to Flores and visit Komodo/Padarar islands. This is my Indonesia trip video

    By this time this is the only company in Indonesia that allows to rent and pick up the motorbike in one place an leave it in the other place. I would really recommend renting a motorbike like I did, rather than buy one which you can’t own at the end of the day.

    Safe ride!

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