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Share your Moto Indo memories and comments. What were your favorite ride destinations? Do you like the motorcycle? What suggestions do you have to make the experience better?

(feature photo by Andrew Gasbarri, riding two-up Moto Indo adventure to Moyo, Indonesia)

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  1. My mate and I hired two bikes from Colin for three weeks and we had such a great time exploring Bali, Nusa Penida and Lombok.
    Colin was incredibly helpful and easy to communicate with, he answered any questions we had and even helped out with the ferries between islands.
    The bikes were great, it was so good to have a bike that had decent clearance, manual gearing and soft enough suspension to allow for longer rides. We made good use of the luggage racks on the back of the bike too.
    During our time with the bikes, we traveled a loop around Nusa Penida, a loop around Lombok, as well as taking the saddle road through the middle and still had time to relax in Bali for a few days. We spent so many hours every day exploring dirt paths that lead to amazing cliff waterfalls to rocky hill climbs that end in a hidden waterfall, it was really incredible and made the trip super memorable.
    I couldn’t recommend motoindo more if you want an adventure on bikes that are going to let you down.

  2. If you’re looking at this web site you are obviously thinking about hiring a motorcycle for your next Indonesian adventure – my name is Andrew and a couple months back I was doing the same homework, this is my story.

    I’ve been hiring motorcycles to take me on roads less travelled for some 30 years and I can happily post this message to say Moto Indo is a good place to start with organising the 2 wheels you need.

    Although Moto Indo’s “point of difference” in the motorcycle rental market is one way hires, they are also competitive for round trips across islands. My wife and I started in Bali and finished in Bali but in between rode the islands of Penida, Lombok, Sumbawa and Moyo. I was familiar with these islands back in the 1990’s having spent several years working in Indonesia and wanted to revisit them again, on two wheels, to see the change that time and progress brings to what was then destinations of little interest to tourists.

    With the aid of Google Maps travelling Indonesia is easy to navigate so I recommend when you arrive drop into one of the numerous outlets that sell Telkomsel sim cards and buy one with enough data to last your trip. If you find part way round you have lost Google Maps the chances are you have used up your data so just call into any shop selling Telkomsel and buy a top up.

    Riding these island now is not such a big deal as there are regular ferries to transport you and your motorcycle across water and there’s
    a range of accommodation to cater for budgets large and small. The advantage of having your own wheels becomes very apparent when you can jump on your motorcycle and ride off the ferry and be on your way to the next destination without having to hustle up information on transport or wait for transport to arrive.

    If you are travelling in the high season and you fit into the fussy type, I’d suggest you jump online and do some pre-booking for your accommodation which also requires some minimal homework on the route you might want to take and the time to travel, taking into account ferry schedules. If you’re more the lay back type that’s not so precious and happy to “wing it” there’s enough options to cover all the necessities, so no need to be too concerned.

    Handy tips to give you a head start.
    A brief run down on ferries capable of taking motorcycles:
    Padang Bai, Bali to Lembar Lombok ferries (the slow RoRo ferry) leaves approx. every hour, the duration is approx. 4hrs and the cost for 2 x passengers + 1 motorcycle is IDR110k. (Make sure you have an International license as it is likely that Police will ask for this when entering the Port).
    The ferry from Kayangan Port Lombok to Poto Tano Sumbawa leaves every couple hours, the duration is 1.5hrs and the cost for 2 x passengers + 1 motorcycle is IDR50k.
    The public ferry from Sumbawa Besar to Moyo Island leaves once a day at approx. 11:00am, there is only 1 ferry which can randomly depart from either of 2 locations, Muara Kali Port at Labuan Sumbawa, which is in town, or from Panti Goa which is a 15min ride out of town. My hot tip is to ride to Muara Kali early and ask which of the 2 locations is the ferry departing from – have your translation ready as you may not find anyone speaking English. The ferry resembles something more like a refugee boat, it is only small but they will man handle your motorcycle on board and lash it to a post, the duration is 2hrs and the cost can vary (depending on your level of Bahasa Indonesian) from IDR100k – 200k for 2 x passengers + 1 motorcycle. The return ferry from Moyo to Sumbawa Besar departs at 7:00am daily.
    The ferry from Padang Bai to Penida is a once a day service departing around midday although this can vary so get there no later than 11:00am to buy your ticket – look for the yellow ferry, duration approx. 1.5hr. There is currently no ferry capable a taking your motorcycle direct from Penida to Lombok or vice versa. Your only option is Padang Bai to Penida return.

    Best locations and accommodation:
    In the early 1990’s Senggigi Lombok was the only place that had any tourist industry, now days it’s a bit of an old “has been”, Kuta in the South is where it all happens, it has the beaches, bars, numerous accommodation and food outlets.
    On Sumbawa, Maluk is a very nice little town in a good location with great beach options and a waterfall close by – check out Merdeka House for a place to stay. Another location worth visiting on Sumbawa is Sekongkang – check out Castaway Surf Retreat.
    If you’re travelling to Moyo you’ll likely need a nights accommodation in Sumbawa Besar, Pondok Daun Homestay has AC, reasonably priced at IDR270k for a double room and close to the Ports.
    On Moyo Island the best food by far is at Davi Homestay – Bapak Mahindra’s wife is a legend in the kitchen, the accommodation is basic but ok. Bapak Mahindra can also wise you up on directions to beaches and waterfalls. If you want accommodation with air conditioning you’ll only get it at night as power on the island comes on in the late evenings and switches off early morning, Maryan Moyo Bungalows are comfortable with AC but the food is average.
    On Penida the better beaches require some fitness to get to and are best tackled early morning in the cooler part of the day. Kelingking, Atuh and Diamond are the go to beaches. Atuh and Diamond are separated by a headland with numerous steps to negotiate. All mentioned beaches have a long steep decent to the water but well worth the effort.

    In summary: I will definitely be in touch with Colin from Moto Indo to hire a motorcycle from him again, the overall condition of the bike was good, their communication excellent and the local Moto Indo team at their Bali warehouse in Gianyar second to none, the most helpful people you will find. I was dropping my motorcycle back to on a Sunday which was an over site on my part as it is a Public Holiday however it made little difference, I informed Mr. Gusti from Moto Indo. of my plans and he was there waiting at the drop off address and kindly organised Grab transport to take me back to my accommodation in Legian. Moto Indo get a 10 out of 10 for service.

    Find included with this post some happy snaps of my trip.

    I hope you found this helpful, be careful and keep it on 2 wheels.

  3. I have rented a motorcycle for 5 weeks from Jakarta to Bali and I could tell that this was the best trip I have ever had. I rode Java in 2 weeks and then Bali/Lombok and surrounded islands for another 3 weeks. I have been traveling in Southeast Asia and other continents and I would say that it is incredible how much Indonesia has to offer. Nature is incredible with the superb mountains. Locals are super nice and polite and always would want to chat with me when I stop somewhere. If I stop somewhere people would come and ask if I got lost.

    The guys that rent these motorcycles are amazing. Top customer service! Still thanking them for this. Colin would always ask if I was ok on the road or if there are any issues with the motorcycle. Only at the end of the trip in Bali, the starter started to work a bit hard and I was offered to switch the motorbike straight away.

    If you are looking for your next big trip I would certainly recommend to travel from Jakarta to Bali. Visit Lombok and Gili islands, fly to Flores and visit Komodo/Padarar islands. This is my Indonesia trip video

    By this time this is the only company in Indonesia that allows to rent and pick up the motorbike in one place an leave it in the other place. I would really recommend renting a motorbike like I did, rather than buy one which you can’t own at the end of the day.

    Safe ride!

  4. Amazing trip around Giava and Bali. The possibility to keep the motorbike in one town and to return in another one is really convenient and allows you not to waste time bringing it back.
    Colin was always helpful and organized everything as I asked him.
    I really recommend Moto Indo.
    Ride safe, ride far!

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